Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cliff Speegle is the man

Wetsuits are amazing! I got my wetsuit last night and I must say that after I finally got in it, which took over 5 minutes, it made my swim in Lake Arcadia so much easier. I used to have to work to keep my legs higher to make me more streamlined but now the wetsuit helps me float and i can focus on swimming. It actually made me like swimming last night.

There are 9 members from the OKC Team in Training group going to DC and they are all really fun & great people. I learned last night that David McQuary is doing his 7th or 8th TNT event but his is his first triathlon, he has done century rides & marathons before.

I have a new person that I am racing for. After sending out an email to some work clients I discovered that one of our client's son has Leukemia. He gave me a donation of $100 and sent me a wrist band that says "All for Austin" so i now wear two one for Austin and one for team in training.

Special thanks to Cliff in KC for all the support. I hope to converse with Cliff soon over some beers and Cowboy football.

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