Sunday, May 9, 2010

28 miles(ish)

Saturday we met at Coach Steve's shop and did a long ride with the Young Life group. We rode from downtown OKC to Lake Stanley Draper and back. The ride was roughly 28 miles, I don't know for sure because a little over halfway through I accidentally reset my bike computer and so i don't know how far. It was a good ride and on the way back it was only the TNT group as the Young Life riders were going around the lake before heading back.

Afterward I headed over to the Kickoff event for the Summer/Fall events for Team in Training. I am currently not signed up but went to support the Team and noticed to friends that have signed up. My friend Tamara Baldwin used to work with me and she has signed up to run the Nike Women's Half marathon in San Fran this fall. The other person was my dear friend Tina Fox's brother Phil. I always knew he was an avid cyclist so when I saw him Saturday and he said he was doing a Century ride I knew he would be great at it. Big shout out for T Fox for recruiting 3 people to the OKC TNT group in the last year, Myself, Phil and Bryan Sloan. Go Team!

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