Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Swimo

We had a great swim practice last night at OCCC. we worked on some long distance speed by doing 3 by 300 meter sprints at a good pace. I can totally tell that I am getting a lot more efficient and faster in the water and that is awesome. After that we worked on drafting off other swimmers which I didn't even know was possible in the water but it is and it's pretty cool. We ended with everyone in one lane and practicing on mass starts. I think we had more fun trying to swim over the top of others and grabbing feet then we did doing anything else. It's definitely worse in practice than it is in real life, at least from my experience anyway.

Wednesday was also Coach Steve's birthday so in honor of his birthday I am posting this video I shot of him a few weeks ago at one of our swims. Happy Birthday Steve.

Keep Fighting and Go Team!

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