Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Go around man!

Today was the best weather I have had yet in terms of how nice it was and by how there really wasn't a ton of wind. I was cruising around Edmond when some jerk store honked at me when he had to pass me on Kelly just north of Danforth. If my speed is too slow for you that is fine but you don't need to honk at me when you pass me. Simply just go around me and continue smoking your Virginia Slims and drinking you mocha latte that you paid $8 for. So if any of you know a guy who drives a dark red Lexus and lives in North Edmond and in all likelihood is probably about to file for bankruptcy because he thinks he makes $100K and only really makes $42K, tell him he is a douche bag and he needs to not honk his horn at me. Next time I may just have to poke him in his retina and tell him to eat a wiener.


  1. Some drivers do this so that you are aware that they are behind you and passing. If you are riding on a trail and are coming up on a runner or walker you are supposed to say passing on your left as a courtesy...perhaps this douche bag was just letting you know so you didn't start to drift his way.

    or something

  2. Kenny-sorry for honking at you....and I was drinking a chai tea latte.

  3. T Fowx, I don't think he was letting me know he was there. He gave me a get outta my way look. I am aware of the letting people know thing and when you do it you are supposed to do it at least a few second before you get there to give time to react if needed and not when you are even with the person otherwise it does you no good. Nice try Cliff.