Wednesday, June 24, 2009

½ Mile Swim!

Today I was able to swim half a mile and felt good about my progress. My arms are still tired but I know that over time they will get stronger and get used to the amount of strokes I will need to do. I did my drills as well and was able to find a foam floaty thing to put between my legs to help keep my booty up and streamline my body. It took me a while because I was stopping every 4 laps to get the fog out of my crappy goggles and catch my breath. Overall I am happy with my progress in the week I have been swimming.

Yesterday I got up and rode around Edmond and was telling people to get out of my way because I was going so dang fast. Ok……maybe that wasn’t happening but I did get an 11 mile ride in and it was good. It’s cool to see how much ground you can cover in about 45 minutes of riding.

On a different note my training has taken on a different role. My uncle Terry is in the hospital suffering from Brain and Lung Cancer (he is not a smoker). I know my fundraising is for blood cancers specifically but all cancer research is a plus in my mind and who knows if a breakthrough with Leukemia will help with other forms of cancer. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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