Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I can breathe easier now

Today I had my first swim practice with Team in Training and it was kind of amazing. I met my swim coach Natalie and she recruited her friend Ryan to come help out for the rest of the season. they started me out on a warm up where I struggled. Then I moved on to some drills where I would swim with one arm or kick 10 times and roll to the other side. The whole time I did this I was trying to work on my breathing and form. Needless to say I had no form and was barely breathing because the water was getting in the way of all the air, aka choking. But after a few modifications to help me recognize what good form can do and continued to do the drills I slowly got better. By the end of the evening I was no longer needing the aid of a device to keep me legs higher or fins and was actually getting in a rhythm and breathing from the left and right. I was totally impressed with the coaches ability to help me and my ability to listen and actually make some huge changes. I am still far from where I need and want to be but I will take the improvements made tonight and work from there. I rewarded my hour or so in the pool with a nice bowl of Frito chili pie. Yum!

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