Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I need to work at swimming

I got a text message from T. Fox this morning saying "are you up yet? time to swim". I was just laying there wanting to stay in bed but knew I needed to get up. After swimming this morning for the first time I confirmed what I thought to be true, I am terrible at swimming. I swam 13 laps in what I believe is a 20 meter pool, 47 laps is 1 mile, and I was swimming 2 at a time. I can't swim and breathe out to the side right now so I am sure once I figure out how to do that I will get a lot better. Until then I will struggle and keep working at it.

After my swim which included 3 other people no younger than 65 yrs old I went home and go t ready for work and then rewarded my efforts with at Jamba Juice. Tonight I will try to bike 20-30 miles.

Oh....I also go my first donation for my fund raising effort. Thanks Tina for the generous gift.

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