Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Update

I took Saturday off and went to Ada, America to celebrate Ryan's 30th birthday, but got up this morning and headed back to OKC to meet the team at Lake Hefner for a ride/run. Again there were only four of us and I didn't expect that there would be more since today is Fathers Day. We decided that we were going to do 2 laps around Hefner in the 95+ degree heat with a 15ish MPH wind. It wasn't too hot because the wind was blowing and the wind didn't make it too hard to get around since Hefner is really flat. The first lap was nice and slow and the second lap I wanted to push myself so I left the group and went ahead on my own and finished the last 7-8 miles by myself and went pretty fast. I felt like a kid again, I think I still am a kid, because I was going fast and it was just fun. I finished with the wind at my back so that was a nice reward for pushing so hard while going into the wind. We skipped the run and headed to Louie's on the Lake for a beer and air conditioning. I will swim tomorrow morning and hopefully get a good nights sleep cause I really need one.

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