Sunday, June 14, 2009

Introducing Giant! My new Bike!

I bought my new bike on Friday and am looking for a good name for it. First off, is it a he or she? Secondly, the bike is a Giant Defy 3 (sounds fast huh?). I am open for suggestions. I rode it for the first time on Saturday morning and went about 15 miles and really enjoyed it. I am hoping this becomes a new source of exercise for me. I will keep the naming poll open for a while so please send me your thoughts.


  1. Hey are my suggestions...of course all are female options.
    1. Andrea the Giant
    2. Jamie and the Giant Peach
    3. Gimmy Galore (after my team mate who is an amazing cyclist
    4. Ginnetha

  2. I think "The Beast". A Giant Beast, seems fitting.