Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Gauntlet

I decided to put myself through roughly 3 hours of athletic activity last night and am glad to say I mad it through. I had a team swim practice at OCCC at 6:30. It was a great swim and I hadn't been the last 2 times so the coaches were so excited to see my progress. We did a lot of tough drills but they were good and I got out of the pool at 7:45ish.

I then headed up I-44/I-35 to NE Edmond to play 2 softball games. I was starving and wanted to stop to get some food but couldn't. I showed up at 8:20 for our 8:30 game, just in time to write the lineup. we won the first game then won the second.

I got home at 11 and took a shower then ate a sandwich and went to sleep. I slept in today to get some extra rest and plan on running tonight. I wasn't concerned with my energy level but was just so dang hungry. I need to make sure I eat next time.

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