Thursday, July 30, 2009

Huge swimming progress

Last night at the team practice they filmed me to show me my form and I learned that my form is pretty good for the most part. My worst flaw was that once my arms would hit the water I was bringing them toward the middle by my head and the s curving them through the water and once I would bring them out my hands would fly out to the side. So Coach Natalie told me to keep my arms shoulder width and everything else will fall into place, sure enough it did and by the end I didn’t really want to get out of the water because I was feeling good. Once I did all my drills and intervals I swam a total of 1900 meters which was by far the most I have ever swum. To that was nice.

My parents are officially coming to the race in DC. They booked their flight and reserved the hotel so they are locked in. I am excited that they are going to go to support me and Tina in the Nations Triathlon but I am also excited for them to see DC. I think they will both really like it and my mom will spend hours in the American Indian museum and my dad will live in the Air and Space.

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