Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poker Tournament & Stuff

This Saturday I am hosting a poker tournament to help with my fundraising. $30 gets you a seat at a table, $20 goes to my fundraising and $10 goes to the pot for the winner(s). It should be a fun evening so if you are down to throw some cards like KGB in Rounders head on over to my house at 7pm this Saturday the 18th.

I rode the bike for 1 hour this morning going about 18 miles. I did a lot of intervals where I would go really hard then let up for a few minutes then go really hard a gain. I go honked at again by some guy in a gray Dodge Charger but this time I think he was actually letting me know he was there because he didn't lay on his horn it was just a few quick honks and it was well before he reached me. I gave him a fun thank you wave.

Eat Eat Eat.....I have been eating a lot more than I normally do because I noticed that my energy level is a lot lower when I don't because my body is using all the food I take in which is nice because I can pretty much eat whatever I want and still stay in shape. But I still try to eat fairly healthy.

Tonight is Gauntlet II. Like I said I rode the bike this morning, well tonight I have team swim practice at 6:30 and then I have 2 softball games at 8:30 and 9:30 I am gonna have to make sure I get away from the swim early enough to get something to eat as I know I will be starving by 8 tonight.

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